Sunday, October 2, 2011

We Have a Winner! Cook the Books: A Homemade Life

Yes CTBers, we have a winner!  But first, a very big THANK YOU to Molly Wizenberg, our wonderful author and judge, for taking the time out of a busy writing schedule to select the winner for this round. I think we will all be putting her new book on our “must-have” lists when it comes out.
Molly says…
Well, I have to confess that I was nervous enough about judging these entries that I had to go make myself a mint julep before I could begin.  Why, why, WHY did I say yes to this?!  How do I pick a winner?!  This mint julep is saving my life.
In any case, before I say anything else, I want to thank everyone for being so incredibly kind.  Writing a book is such a strange, lonely process, and it can make a person feel so vulnerable… so it was a relief and a pleasure to see it received well by all of you in Cook the Books!  Thank you for that.
And now to the pesky judging.  My criteria were very simple and mostly instinctive: did the post grab me and pull me in and keep me there until the end?  A number of the entries did, but the one that really jumped out at me was Foodycat’s.  I loved the details about her mother and the Elizabeth David recipe, and I love that she used a cheese-making mold!  Foodycat is my winner for this round.
But I also want to name a couple of honorable mentions.  I loved the story about the failed marshmallows (sorry!) on Eliot’s Eats.  And I can’t get over how many recipesTina (of Life in the Slow Lane at Squirrel Head Manor) made.  Amazing!  Made my day.
Thanks so much for choosing my book for your club, and for inviting me to play along.  And even more, thanks for the kindness.
Cheers to you,
Congratulations to Foodycat and her White Chocolate Coeur à la Crème!  Another winners badge to add to her collection! Great job to our honorable mentions Eliot Eats and Tina too!
Mahalo to all of you who joined in. I’ll be back very soon to announce the next three books, then I’ll be passing the hosting torch to Jo for our October/November book, Harlot’s Sauce

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