Friday, July 23, 2010

A Steamy Summer for Cooking

I don’t know about other parts of the world, but this summer sure has been a hazy, hot and humid one here in upstate New York.  While it is always the right climate for me to jump into a great book, I have been less inclined to cook things up in my hot kitchen, but I will be getting my very own Cook the Books post up in the next day or so.
Couple that with a computer that died on me this month and I’ve been somewhat behind in my duties here and on my own blog, but I did want to get a quick post in here to remind you all of our July 30 deadline for blogging and cooking about our wonderful Cook the Books selection, Erica Bauermeister’s novel “The School of Essential Ingredients.  Many of you have already let me know either through comments on the blog here or by emailing me directly, but if you haven’t done so, please do so in order that your post be included in our roundup.
Our featured author herself has graciously agreed to serve as the judge this round so look for the roundup and her comments after our July 30 deadline.