Sunday, October 9, 2011

Our current CTB read: Harlot’s Sauce by Patricia Volonakis-Davis

Hello everyone!
Sorry for the delay of this post, but I am suffering from a partly dislocated shoulder which means that I have to avoid heavy-lifting and writing for prolonged periods of time, both of which are really difficult to stay away from. Anyway, this is just a reminder to let you know that the book we are currently reading is Harlot’s Sauce: A Memoir of Food, Family, Love, Loss, and Greece, by Patricia Volonakis Davis.
Harlot’s Sauce  is the story of Patricia herself who falls in love with Greek Gregori, follows him to Greece and tries to make her marriage work. In the meantime however she gives us vivid descriptions of Greek life, culture food and more.
Patricia V. Davis (, is also the founder and editor-in-chief of the non-partisan Harlot’s Sauce Radio e-magazine and podcast, as well as the president of Harper’s Davis Publishing.
The round hosted by me, Jo, of Food Junkie, Not Junk Food and entries are dueTuesday November 29th, 2011.  Patricia has kindly agreed to be our judge, so when your post is up please leave a comment below or email me you entry at: jdimopoulos AT
Looking forward to reading your entries!

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