Thursday, October 10, 2013

The Baker's Daughter: Two Protagonists deserve Two Winners!

Hi guys!  Thank you so much for reading and cooking/baking along with my selection, The Baker's Daughter by Sarah McCoy.  And I'm so excited that Sarah agreed to be our judge for this round.  Sarah told me that she had so much fun with all of the entries.  Here is what Sarah had to say, and he choice for the WINNER(s) of this round...
judging and winner of cook the books: The Baker's Daughter by Sarah McCoy

Dearest Cook the Book Clubbers,

A glimpse into my world: I sat down to judge this smorgasbord of entries 
with a hot cup of tea on the first truly fall morning in El Paso. 
There’s a nip in the air, which is as rare and magical in the desert as 
finding Bavarian treats. Additionally, my husband (Doc B) has just 
returned from deployment in Afghanistan. All this to say, I was in 
tremendous spirits to start! Yet somehow, you made me smile even 
more—and stoked my appetite to boot. Thank you all for these remarkable 
recipes, photos, and most significantly, the intimate and deeply 
thoughtful posts you wrote. I was moved by the family stories The 
Baker’s Daughter and its recipes called to mind in your own lives. Such 
an honor to have you as readers, bakers, and new friends.

Now, to the judging, which was no easy task considering I printed off 
every recipe to put in my family cookbook binder. With Doc B home now 
and his penchant for German foods, I can’t wait to try all of these in 
my own kitchen. Now, given that The Baker’s Daughter is a 
historical-contemporary hybrid novel with two protagonists, I thought it 
befitting that I’d have TWO winners. Here they are, in no particular 

The Not So Cheesy Kitchen’s Zimt-Rosinen Schnecken (Cinnamon Raisin 
Rolls). This post masterfully provided not only an insightful summary of 
the book and a fascinating personal story (her grandfather’s Goering 
tale had me both laughing and wincing), but also awareness to food 
allergies. As an author diagnosed with Celiac Disease in 2001, I’m a 
staunch proponent for wholesome eating and being proactive in one’s 
individual health. As the axiom goes: we are what we eat. And I believe 
that applies to both our bodies and imaginations! So I’m thrilled that 
The Not So Cheesy Kitchen gobbled my novel and baked a health-conscious 
recipe based on it. Bravo, Bea, my wonderful baking reader!

Kahakai Kitchen’s Milk & Honey Reisbrei (Rice Pudding) with a 
Bienenstich ("Bee Sting"). This entry had me licking my laptop screen. 
The photographs could’ve been the cover art for a gourmet magazine. 
Stunningly scrumptious! And just like one of my favorite foodie 
subscriptions, the images were only the visual accouterments to an 
amazing write-up. I was so impressed by Deb’s poetic book capsule, her 
intuitive review and use of literary quotes to explain how the novel 
inspired her to create her dish. It stung me to tears of happy 
appreciation! Doc B looked over my shoulder at the reisbrei and said, 
“That might have to be breakfast tomorrow!” It won his Guten Appetite 
prize too.

Congratulations to the winners, and thanks to everyone who participated! 
I’m so honored to have been invited on Cook the Books and even more 
elated that you all enjoyed my novel so much. Currently, I’m finishing 
up my third book for Crown. Another historical-contemporary hybrid. This 
time in West Virginia: 2013 and 1860 Civil War. And I wouldn’t be me if 
I didn’t include historical food love and recipes! That will be hitting 
shelves in Summer 2015. Until then, happy cooking and I’ll be popping by 
all of your blogs for inspiration. Let's definitely stay in touch on 
Twitter and Facebook, my friends!

Yours truly, Sarah

The Baker's Daughter WINNERS for Cook the Books
Congratulations to Bea and Deb!  This was actually Bea's first time joining us - how awesome is that!?  Now, if only we could all actually meet up to discuss our books and eat our food in person...

Be sure to drop by Sarah's facebook fan page as she will be sharing her experience with Cook the Books and some of our creations over there soon!  Thanks again, Sarah.


Camilla M. Mann said...

Hooray! Congratulations to Bea and Deb. And a hearty thanks to Sarah for judging this round.

Rachel said...

Bravissima to our two wonderful winners! And thank you to our great Guest Judge. I am intrigued by Sarah's mention of a West Virginia book in the works and will have to look out for that when it is published. Thanks also, to Heather, for picking a very thought-provoking and edifying book for us to enjoy.

Simona Carini said...

Congratulations to the winners! And many thanks to the judge. I am glad to read you had a nice time reading our posts.

Anonymous said...

Sarah, I can't wait to read your next book!

Claudia said...

Good job Bea and Deb, congratulations! And thanks Sarah for participating.

Bea @ The Not So Cheesy Kitchen said...

Yay!!! I am so super excited and - thank you so much, Sarah :) This made my week :)

This was so much fun thank you so much for all the congrats & for having me.

Deb in Hawaii said...

Wow--what a nice surprise and fun to share it with Bea! Thanks so much Sarah for your kind words and for taking the time to judge all of the incredible entries--I know I was drooling when I went around to see all the posts. ;-)

Thanks to Heather for a great and inspiring book pick.

And a special thank you to Sarah's husband Doc B for your service--welcome home!

Debra Eliotseats said...

Two worthy winners!!!! Kudos and congrats!!!!!