Sunday, January 20, 2013

The Hunger Games: Judge Announcement

Let me introduce our judge for this round of Cook the Books, her name is Wendy and she writes the blog, Bookcooker.  

I first came across her blog while I was searching the web for recipes that other people had made that were inspired by our current selection, The Hunger Games.  Last year, she posted her version of Katniss' Favorite Lamb Stew, with flat, juicy prunes and chunks of sweet potatoes.  My mouth was watering!

But really, it was Wendy as a whole that led me to ask her to be our judge for this round.  I mean, her blog name is Bookcooker, with the tagline "reading and eating".  And that is what Cook the Books is all about. You can read more about Wendy on her About page.

Submissions are due on January 28th - I am really enjoying everybody's Hunger Games-inspired posts so far!


Danid said...

Great judging choice :) Can't wait to see the roundup - mine is being posted this week! Early for once... :)

Rachel said...

Welcome Wendy and thank you for offering to be our judge! This is sure going to be a fun round. Hope to get my post up today.