Saturday, May 2, 2009


cookthebookswinnerHello again!
We have a winner for the Kitchen Confidential book! Below I give you Jenn's email:
That was a TOUGH choice. So tough that I actually had to sleep on it, read passages from the book, and consult others. But I have finally chosen Natashya's Pasta Pomodoro:

I chose her dish, because I really think out of all the entries, it was made just for Tony, and if he had judged this event, this would be the dish he would have chosen, himself. Tony often says how he wishes he had been born Italian American for the culture that is so focused on food and family. Although there are elements in many of the other dishes, I think Tony would have more than appreciated, I think this is the dish he would want to dig into.

CONGRATULATIONS NATASHYA! And of course, thank you Jenn for doing us the honour to be the judge of this round. 

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