Wednesday, October 22, 2008

First Book: La Cucina, by Lily Prior

The Sicilian version of proto-foodie novel “Like Water for Chocolate”, in which our middle-aged librarian protagonist, Rosa Fiore, leaves her raucous rural peasant family, comprised of six older brothers, a pair of younger Siamese twins, and her frequently absent parents when her lover is murdered by the Mafia. She becomes an academic librarian in Palermo and saves her passions for her cooking, until a mysterious English visitor, L’Inglese, enters her life.

The book discussion is taking place here. However, if you haven’t yet read the book, or are in the process of reading it, there might be some spoilers!

You can order a new or used copy of the book from your local bookstore or on the Internet, or borrow a copy from a library or friend.  There are many used copies of the book available from booksellers on the Internet here.


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