Monday, June 6, 2011

WE HAVE A WINNER FOR “Lunch in Paris”

Dear all,
I just had an email from elizabeth bard regarding the winner of CTB. She writes:
Not an easy choice… I loved reading the different takes on the book – and the tales shared. Shelling walnuts for walnut oil in Kaye’s Kitchen, and just enough time to do something nice for yourself, like the mint tea in Eliot’s Eats.
In the end, it came down to a close call between Girlichef and The Crispy Cook. I thought Girlichef’s pictures were great – and really liked the fact thaty she made a shellfish recipe at home, with ingredients not necessarily standard for the home cook. But in the end, I was seduced by The Crispy Cook. Not only did I enjoy her gluten free redition of the financier recipe, but I’m a sucker for a homemade cake-stand…

Thank you all so much for participating. The club is terrific idea for the culinary-minded reader (I’m going to post a link on my facebook page), and all the posts were a pleasure to read.

PS – Thank you again to Maria of Organically Cooked for suggesting the book. We are heading back to Crete this summer, and she and I are destined to meet for lunch one of these days!

So congratulations Rachel and Heather , and thank you Elizabeth for a lovely book and for judging. See you all next month with “Garden Spells”.

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